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Published on April 14, 2012 By LizMarr In Living in Cyberspace

What is truly an irritation is that too many blogs either do not show the actual date of a blog entry or, if you are lucky at all, shoehorn it into some remote corner. Usually after the sponsor's banner ad.

So, I find a neat bit on something technical. It describes a product or software that perhaps I would really like. The date up at the top is today's date though (big indication of possible outdated data) If I am lucky there is a comment dated three years ago along the lines of, "Gee, this is great". Alas, most of the time no such luck. If I take my time like I should I look up the product on the net and back-track it. Perhaps the product is still available in it has gone from version 1.01 to 8.2. Many times is had gone from donorware to $$$ (and a nice price too because it is so good) Sometimes it has disappeared because of lack of design support or the company went out of business. I said "if I take my time".  Usually I slap the URL on some BB somewhere and then I found out that it is last year's news and everyone already knows about it except me because I wasn't here then.

A special irritation is news sites. You know, the ones whose information is even more time sensitive than computer tech. There will be a column of "most read" news stories. Not a one has the date. All the FaceBook and comments don't have a date. You finally find it on someone elses news site and the event happened last year. Now the perp has been tried and the sentencing phase has started. I have really done a double take when it is last year's flood victim and this year's flood season has barely started. I think that news at least should have dates where the subscriber can see them.

Since I have way too many blog sites on my server, I think I will go through and change the code so that the actual date of the blog post shows up on the top of the blog (it might already be there) and check if the comments are the same.

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